In addition to making my own games, I also frequently attend design conferences to share my pedagogy and design principles with others. I have spoken on a variety of topics at the Game Developers Conference. Some highlights are listed below.

Game Design Curriculum Deathmatch

Top game design instructors will fight three rounds by giving 3-minute presentations on aspects of their introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses, discussing how teaching approaches differ substantially in areas such as number and size of projects, writing components, technologies, and the inclusion of historical or other contextualizing theories.

How To Think: Critical Thinking and Analysis in Game Development Programs

A diverse panel of educators/critics/developers discuss how critical thinking and analysis can be integrated into game development curriculums, and how game development programs function as part of broader creative culture.

Teaching Games with Games: 7 Exercises in Play

Through ten short talks, each on a single classroom exercise used to teach a different facet of games, seasoned and new faculty alike will share their best programming, design, art, story, sound, game studies, history, sociology and criticism play-based exercises.

Hippies, Hackers, & War Games (A Secret History of War & Peace)
IndieCade 2012