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I founded my research lab, Tiltfactor, at Hunter College in 2003. It has since moved to Dartmouth College, where I have been teaching since 2008. We have attracted millions of dollars of public and private funding to study emerging and existing games, understand their impact, and publish scientific results with a highly qualified team of game and psychology experts. This unique research and design lab uses its groundbreaking design methodology to incorporate fundamental human values and psychological principles to promote learning, attitude change, and behavior change in games and playful objects. At Tiltfactor, we believe that games have the power to make a more just and equitable world. Learn More

Discovery Channel Games

Once upon a time, designers made games that were played on shiny plastic discs called CDROMs! At Human Code in Austin Texas we made a nifty collection of learning games and .edu software. This is how I got my first professional experience making games!